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Aug 15, 2014 4:48am
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I'm trying to lose weight so I need some motivation

15 Aug
Do you want to stay overweight all your life? Feeling unhappy in your own skin? Feeling less pretty than other girls? Then get going!
15 Aug
You see, I was professional fighter, I had my club of martial arts.. In august 2012 i got sick from rare neurological dosease, I was almost completely paralyzed I was fighting but I got many relapses.. Now I am great, and coming back in shape.. Nothing is impossible, just try harder.. Good luck..
15 Aug
Keep going you are Not alone!!!!! <3
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Aug 15, 2014 9:48am
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I really hope you achieve your goal. It's disheartening that you are losing motivation . My advice to you is that you find something to look forward to say..  A partner at the gym or the next cheat day. Stick with a healthy diet and keep your eyes on the prize when doing cardiovascular activity. Work hard during the weekdays without breaking your diet then on the weekend have a meal that you'd like to steamroll your mentally for the weekday to come. Hopes and Cheers!