Bigger and stronger arms

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Aug 19, 2014 3:18am
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Ive been doing push ups and dips with my iron gym, Iam currently incrementing by 5 every 2 weeks. Should I be incrementing more often. Any help ? Id really appreciate it

19 Aug
push ups and dips are body weight exercises (unless you are using equipment to ad weight ie weight vest, dip belt) and although they will help with strengh in your arms it will be a very very slow way to gain size not to mention they both are not bicep workouts, they both are aimed at pectoralis major with many synergists, if you want to get bigger stronger arms fast do 3 work outs 3 times a week with the right rest and protien, i would suggest 2 exercises for growth and size and 1 gor strength, take a protien...
20 Aug
Close/ standard grip chin ups/ pull ups work the arms pretty well..