How do I lose chest fat aka man boobs?

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Aug 20, 2014 3:36pm
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Please help!!

20 Aug
You can't target just chest fat...your body burns the chest with press ups. Flies with weights or machine to tone the area while loosing fat....loosing fat is different to loosing weight...muscle weighs more than fat :-)
20 Aug
This isn't true, muscle does not weigh more then fat. That statement is often misunderstood by muscle having a higher density therefore by volume it would seem heavier but a pound is still a pound. When your muscle start to develop don't expect a change in what the scales read because the lean mass that you will build when the fat is lost should keep your weight around the same or maybe heavier. This doesn't mean you will look the same, your body will change and clothes will begin to fit differently. Set some goals and hopefully you get what...
21 Aug
Yes thats true its by volume not pound for pound, 1 cubic inch of muscle weighs more than 1 cubic inch of you said because of the muscle in short yes its weighs volume
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Aug 20, 2014 5:59pm
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There are a few things you should be doing but don't expect instant results.

Make sure you have a healthy diet, cardiovascular exercise is a must and also do some heavy lifts.

Train your chest at least every 4 days to get the best results.

Hope this helped

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Aug 20, 2014 6:27pm
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This is a difficult one as you may be in the beginning stages of gynecomastia, and no amount of chest exercises will get rid of it.  Since you brought up the term "man boobs", that tells me it's pronounced enough that it's noticeable. While it's not an uncommon occurrence, if treated quickly it can be reversed.  However if left untreated, your only option is surgery.  Definitely have a Dr look at this for you and don't put it off. 
Good luck!


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