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Aug 22, 2014 2:26pm
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I have had a clinical depression for 11 months. Stille not renoveren. Gained 18 kg due to medication and inactivity. I neem motivation and guidance not to give in to the depression.

22 Aug
I totally understand where ur coming from , Ive suffered with depression for ova 20 years , exercise helps and being around positive people
24 Aug
It makes me more depressed knowing that I need to exercise.
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Aug 22, 2014 10:02pm
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Exercise in the long run (once you have gotten into it that is) will help you with the depression more than tablets or counsellor can...

The hardest part is sticking to it, at the start it can feel like your abusing yourself as your notused to it but it will subside and you will notice mental changes a drive to beat your depression it cant beat you in the gym or while exercising...only when you stop going!

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Aug 22, 2014 11:51pm
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I am going to have to disagree with some of this feedback.

If you want to knock depression in the long run you have to figure out where it's coming from (if it isn't something in your wiring). 

If you are taking medication and that isn't working you may want to let your doctor know about that.

You may also want to see a therapist that can help you work though all this. 

Please don't bypass the advice of trained professionals for the words of a bunch of random people banging on a keyboard.
23 Aug
You always seems to disagree Gregg its seems to be something in YOUR wiring .. have you found anything to back up your previous BS statements...your the only random person banging on a keyboard...on the other hand Im registered once again your BS strikes again :-)
23 Aug
Dude I am not here to argue. You can claim to be whatever you want, how ever a counselor telling someone that exercise is better for you than any counseling is a bit odd. Like I said I have no intent to have a back and forth with you..... "Never argue with stupid people. They will only drag you down to there level and beat you with experience." Mark Twain
23 Aug
Dont you see Gregg that is all you do on here...argue even when your wrong and plainly so...i dont have to prove anything to you I've mentioned in previous posts and anyone can see me mentioning it before and any therapist will advise wont as you pop up state some BS and disappear rather than read...Things might seem odd to you maybe because you are know nothing other than disagree and argue your full of cliche mark twain..heres one for you... an idiot with a bit of knowledge is dangerous...that fits you to a T Greggs
23 Aug
Like I said, i have no interest in arguing with you. As someone who has suffered personally from depression I know for a fact that a good therapist will not say "go exercise" and that is it. A good therapist will actually sit with you to help you find the source of the depression and then help you move on from there. If your depression cannot be addressed by therapy they will offer medication especially if you are diagnosed as being clinically depressed. Without knowing where someone falls on the spectrum of depression to say to them... "I have the...
23 Aug
I don't see anyone here giving a diagnose of depression Gregg??? The OP has stated they have clinical depression and wanting to do fitness....people are telling her fitness will be good and trying have popped along stating BS about seeing a therapist first....yes a therapist will advise exercise gregg many do I know many that do and as a registered counsellor with extra psychology qualifications so do I .. if your ego cant handle that just like your previous BS posts about experts you know that say children should weight lift ... Google it atleast and you will learn...