Sweat off a Binge

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Aug 25, 2014 4:37am
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Can you do it? WHY is it so difficult to have a healthy diet AND healthy exercise habits? I'm on day 6 of exercising and I feel great! I'm also on day 6 of eating healthy with a slight calorie decrease and this is my 2nd night binge eating.

I guess my question is, how do you all day focused? And what do you do to redeem yourself from a "slip-up"..be it with diet or exercise.

Thanks guys! ♡♡♡

"My journey is early, and I've a long way to go...but I'll get there. I swear, I'll get there." -anonymous

25 Aug
If it's a one time thing or very sporadic then let it go and move on! If it's becoming more routine then I'd say you may be trying to hard with the dieting. Eating healthy isn't supposed to be like a chore, it should be a natural part of our lives. Usually happens when we make to many changes at one time, our bodies feel deprived. Shake it off and take each day as a new day, a fresh start!
25 Aug
You have good advice there already....take it and move on :-)
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Aug 25, 2014 1:01pm
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Yeah the biggest challenge is not the exercising or eating right, it's to just keep getting back on track and to not let those times we feel less than perfect to define how we feel overall.

Those with the most success actually probably fail way more often than those who just give up.

25 Aug
Wow awesome advice! Thanks! :)

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