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Aug 26, 2014 7:13am
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I consider myself a leaner person, even struggle to gain weight. But I believe with a set strategy I can build the muscle and stamina I am looking for.

Mostly core and upper body as well as increase lung capacity and lung strength as I suffer from asthma. Normally under control but this Spring/Summer has been horrible!

I can't afford a professional trainer so if they're are any fitness guru's that have a normal work out, say laid out like stay out lessons progressing to harder with a time frame already laid out. Day1, day3, day5, etc...

I feel like I'm being lazy but I searched this app and couldn't really find what i was looking for. Any info or thoughts are appreciated.

Currently I have access to a park (ironically told it's designed for runners) less than a 1/2 mile from my house. As well as a fitness center with free weights at work, and elliptical's and a few other multi purpose machines.

Without a set start strategy and progressive strategy I lose interest and therefore motivation quickly.

Again any assistance welcomed.

26 Aug
message me with your body weight, ruff guide on what you eat daily ( if you know your cal/KJs intake that would help) goal weight and which muscle you want to change and ill write somthing up to get you started
26 Aug
Swimming laps helps open lungs
27 Aug
Thanks, I appreciate it. Emailed.