I need motivation

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Aug 26, 2014 8:57am
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Hello! My names's Lily and I'm seventeen years old.
I'm going to get fit because during the summer I gained weight and I want to be a fit girl with the correct body.
But, when I begin a new diet,routine, etc after 1 week I lose my motivation and I eat a lot of sweets again.
If someone needs the same motivation like me, write a message here and I contact with you!

26 Aug
Oh, Im exactly the same. I really need some motivation buddies and I hope to find some here. :-) Let's get healthy together!
26 Aug
Hello girly, I'm like you but it lasts a month then I'm bored. With all these different workouts and a nice community of avid active people I hope this is going to be different. My main weakness is the food - side of things, I love good food and I cook good food so temptation is always there but I have no problem with working out regular but after I month I'm bored and back to square -23. Let's get fit together
26 Aug
I cant message you unless you follow me apparently, but my response was gonna be; " Yes, I would like that! :) I also started today, with workouts towards weight loss and body tone I think. It was very difficult haha! But I hope we can help each other :D" :-)
26 Aug
Owww! I need the same workouts like you! I follow you now! :)
26 Aug
Hey, today morning I eat half of Nutella! I was really angry to myself so I printed the pictures of bodies, how I wanted to look like and I stuck it on the fridge and pantry. I know it sounds funny, but so far it works. When I taste something and getting close to the fridge, look at the picture and I lose the taste.. :D
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Aug 26, 2014 4:10pm
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If you want a motivation try to watch a video called ( dream motivation video ) it's on the YouTube 
And good luck