If you feel like giving up..

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Aug 29, 2014 3:38pm
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Don't do it! I was embarrassed to work out and say no to "normal" food like fast food. But now in my body 20 lbs lighter without all the back pain I had the choices just come naturally! Don't give up keep trying new things and remember each time you eat something healthy or do a work out you are one step closer to your goal! I had a whole weekend of buffet food but it doesn't mean I can't get back on track. No matter how bad you mess up you always have your body to burn it off. You don't need a gym or fancy health foods. Most of my veggies come from the frozen section. Just make what changes you can. You deserve to be healthy!!

29 Aug
Solid effort.... congrats on your progress:-)
29 Aug
Thanks :)
30 Aug
Thanks for the motivation it was definitely needed.
30 Aug
Thank u sam that means a lot
30 Aug
People will say you care too much about nutrition and working out but when they see your results they'll be shocked! :)