Staying Motivated and Consistent

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Sep 5, 2014 1:43pm
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Hey! First post here.

A bit about my situation. I'm in moderately good shape but I'd like to be a bit more so. I've put on a little unwanted weight this year that I'd like to shed in addition to adding muscle tone. I injured my knee in November, which has held me back, and additionally I've had a bit of stress with moving cities this Spring and starting a very intense job with a long commute. So basically, stress, plus eating at irregular hours, plus physically being held back by my knee equals muffin top.

I'm trying to get into the groove of working out regularly. I bought an elliptical and some free weights, and I've been learning what I can and can't do with my knee. However, my efforts are being constantly undermined by my inability to stick to a schedule. After a long day and my incredibly long commute, I get home and ultimately abandon my plans.

So my question is ... Any tips/tricks/rituals you perform that help you to stay motivated at the end of the day?



05 Sep
Sometime to keep myself motivated I find an exercise buddy and set a workout date. I'm less likely to cancel knowing I'd be letting my exercise buddy down and it makes the work more fun having someone there to motivate you. I'll tell my friend not to let me wimp out and we work together to keep each other motivated... Hope this helps!
05 Sep
Given your unreliable schedule it's tough. Rather than picking a time, form a routine around the things you do do habitually (after breakfast/before shower/etc). In your case, it might be easier to wake up early and get your workout in in the morning. This is what worked for my mother, who gets home, often exhausted, at different times every night.
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Sep 5, 2014 4:09pm
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I really understand your situation. I was in the same a year ago. My left knee is still bothering me but regular workouts make it more stable. For me it helps to print out a schedule where I can cross out the day or workout I've done. So I see what I did all week. Sometimes you get the feeling you haven't achieved anything but the paper proofs you wrong ;) I also try to walk as much as possible and always take the stairs, so I do small workouts everyday at work :) I really wish you the best!

05 Sep
Thanks for the advice! I think that will work well for me, I'm super visual so I think a schedule would help to keep me accountable. Thanks again!
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Sep 5, 2014 8:08pm
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Thank you both for your advice! I think a work out buddy would be good. That's supposed to be my boyfriend's job but he goes way too easy on me.

Working out in the morning would be ideal except that I leave for work at 5:30 AM and I live with four people so I would hate to wake anyone up. But I'm sure that planning around routines would work for me.


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