Am a newbie...don't think I know what am doing

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Sep 10, 2014 9:49am
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I use this app when i can but i mostly don't know what am doing. My goal is to work on my midsection, arms and butt. Need someone to point me to some great workouts that will help me achieve this. Am rily committed to this, I want to be healthy, look healthy and stay healthy. Please help!!!!

10 Sep
Find the workouts that work for you. Sometimes it is a trial and error process as to what workouts you like and can do. If you find a workout that works for you"like" it so you can find it easily in the future. I'd focus on total body workout until you get more comfortable and then work on more specific workouts(arms, back, chest, legs etc). Follow the exercise direction and cues. Do what you can and take breaks if you feel you need one and most importantly stick with. Something is better than nothing. Good luck
10 Sep
Im new ish and i just pick anything
11 Sep
Thanks Brian. Helpful. How do I navigate to the "total body workouts"?