Obese stage 2

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Sep 11, 2014 4:09am
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Idk what to do. I'm 320 lbs. I'm just getting bigger and bigger. I haven't been able to make myself eat right and work out. People think that I don't care about it, but I do.

11 Sep
I totally understand where you are coming from. I have been avoiding this myself as well. Just signed up today to see if maybe this will get my fat @$$ off the sofa. I'm 5 ft tall and 190 lbs.
11 Sep
It's hard. It's depressing. It's frustrating. But it's also rewarding if you actually stick to it. I mean, make yourself do it every day for a couple weeks. At least something. I start with the Harvard health warm up because it's pretty easy. At first I was doing the awesome workout, even easier. Some days I would keep going, some days I would give up after that, but I could always say "i worked out today." That's making progress. Some days I'm more motivated than others. But it's nice to make it a habit. Start small and work harder when...
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Sep 11, 2014 1:11pm
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You know Joe...I was around that weight a year or so ago and I can tell what your mindset at the moment!

You do care but only when you notice or its brought to your attention and it makes you feel bad and you start thinking about doing something about it and then instead of actually do anything about it you do something else or get some comfort food and cycle starts again another day.

Stop letting it make you feel bad by offsetting that into workouts stop thinking and start doing...

Write out a plan with times you have free to workout, keep a food diary so you can see what you've been eating over a day/week....make your workouts routine...if you have 6pm free thats when you workout and stick to it as if you was going to work...your boss wouldnt let you skip a be late or leave early so be your own boss.

To start you feel like your abusing yourself with hardwork...but concentrate on how relaxed you will be after or night sleep you will get dont let your mind take over and say give up....always see the positive and forget anything else.

Many times there is a underlying issue...I dont know what that is only you do or maybe you dont...what depresses you or makes you feel down other than your weight...think what problem you could have or had fears etc and deal with that issue.

No one knows the future but all being well YOU know where yiur heading that big and unhealthy....who knows where a thinner or fitter version of you could be in a years time...

I used to get out of breath walking or tired walking to shop....I do 3 hours a day and want more...next year im doing an assult course it it ciuld be you if yiu take them first steps and enter the race.

11 Sep
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Sep 11, 2014 2:19pm
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Remember thst it's fine to start small, as long as you start and don't get so down on yourself.

At the beginning of my journey, I said 'ok. What's the absolute worst thing in my diet. Replace that one thing with something healthy. Then, once you're used to that, move onto the next worst thing. Unless you have a major health problem, it's perfectly fine to take baby steps, as long as you start taking them. 

Even if you walk only 1/4 mile, that's better than 0 miles. Even if you can only do 3 crunches, that's better thsn none.

And that little change will give positive results to your energy level, weight, and ability. As you become more fit, you will also become more energetic. Just get started, and keep pushing yourself just a little harder. You will get there.

When I started as a very petite framed 245, I thought 'I'll probably never crack 200'. Right now, I'm floating around 140. It is possible. Keep using the community to stay motivated.