Make it hard

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Sep 12, 2014 12:20am
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This goes out to all people who realy want to lose weight.

You may know it yourself. It just comes and goes and everytime you finished a workout you get hungry. It feels like something is missing although you know that you just ate two hours ago.

My advice. Eat healthy 1 hour before the workout and make your workout hard. If not, then you are satisfied with small progression and often times we lie to ourselves. Many times then we eat more then we actually burned.

But if you keep it hard you can come to the point where you feel the aditional eating as load on your musles. This can work because you body tells you: look you fool. You trained so hard to burn that s*** out of me and now you just want to put it on again.

You basically learn to use the mental strenth you gained while doing a hard workout to say no to aditional eating.