ACL injuries?

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Sep 14, 2014 10:28pm
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I am waiting to get reconstructive surgery on my ACL and was wondering if anyone has any good workouts I should do to strengthen my knee before surgery?

14 Sep
Jogging, stretching and slowly do some squats
14 Sep
Thank you!
14 Sep
I feel you! Np!
14 Sep
Strengthen your hamstrings(curls, single leg bridges etc.) as they assist the ACL for stability. I'm not sure about jogging(as mentioned in a prior comment), I'd personally look at biking, elliptical or walking vs running on an unstable knee.
15 Sep
Its been a few months since I tore it so I have most of my mobility back. I have been focusing on trying to build my quad muscles so that I can have an easier recovery. Thank you for the input with the elliptical I haven't tried one of those yet