New here need motivation help plz XD

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Sep 21, 2014 3:28pm
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Hey i'm kind of new to all of this training and eating well "life style" but i want to make it work. Anyone can give me tips on how to motivate myself and how to fit these in my busy life XD? Ty all 4 your help!!
21 Sep
Me to mate, have you done any of the programmes yet? :)
22 Sep
Yeah ive done two or three of them and its a good app so far in my opinion. Lets hope that motivation will come! XD and stay of cours.
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Sep 21, 2014 4:05pm
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So I figure for me what works is when I jog long distance, my mindset is "I am as light as a leaf" and "just one more lap." Works as a 6 mile runner! For workouts similarly I push myself and think "just one more set." About food not so sure, I don't carry a diet per se but I don't eat out or junk food (limited 2 times monthly, etc.). Try to cook healthy meals control all good intakes!

22 Sep
Ok cool thank you for that. I'll try to take it one at a time and to push it a lil more each time :D!