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Sep 21, 2014 11:18pm
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Hey there! I'm new to this app and so far am liking what I see.

But lately, I've been having trouble staying motivated to exercise because I have crazy work hours, BUT I do like that I found some 7-15 min workouts. So there can't be an excuse for not doing something.

I also am having trouble with my daily calorie intake. I downloaded "Lose It!" To track my intake and exercises, and I like that app...

Its just so hard to start changing my diet too because my boyfriend doesn't care what he eats, or how much, or when because he has a metabolism of gold (so far).

So I'm just looking for support and motivation to keep on changing for the better!

21 Sep
Focus on you, your boyfriend will survive. You can do it.
22 Sep
Ohhh I like lose it. Between exercise and that I lost 40 pounds and it has been 2 years. Do what fits your life...if it does not fit ,it will not work. I took a class on how to avoid job burnout and one thing they said was you have to make time for you. Excercise is for you. It gives you energy and makes you feel great. No excuses just get up and put on your workout clothes and the rest will follow!
22 Sep
Oh and don't deprive want a a cookie...not 10 cookies just a cookie. Otherwise you will eat around what you want. And the more you Excercise the more you eat!!!!
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Sep 22, 2014 2:17am
via iOS
Hey room LongTermTay here