Need motivational Friends..HELP!

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Sep 23, 2014 10:39am
via iOS
I've just got this app and it would be great to have people to talk to whilst on here! I'm really knuckling down on my fitness and trying to make a noticeable change before Christmas ! I WILL STICK IT OUT!
23 Sep
You do have this!! Positive mindset is a good starting point now get yourself consistent daily and progress will follow!!
23 Sep
U look good anyways
23 Sep
It's getting in that routine though isn't it! I just need to keep myself motivated I downloaded this about an hour ago and lastnight I did a really intense workout and did squats for the best part of 20 minuets and my legs are killing me still now!
23 Sep
And thanks Sean but always room for improvement
23 Sep
I can tell you if you have the mindset you have now keep that and change will come. I started with that same mind. Although I still weigh the same my muscle definition is more noticeable, my strength has increased greatly, shirts fit better, pants looser...hell I just feel better. Keep it up and keep at it. You already look great. GOOD LUCK!