Wanna weigh 120 for wedding..

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Sep 24, 2014 6:37pm
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My wedding is in 17 months (i know its a long way off), I really wanna lose 100lbs by my birthday next June.. I don't know where to start.. My worst thing is im a bored eater.. that and I drink lots of cokes.. Please anyone some advice????????

24 Sep
same here :(
24 Sep
Drink lots and lots of water. Start laying off the cokes..that will b a start
25 Sep
Agreed, cut back on the coke(nothing but empty calories) and drink water. If you are a"bored eater", how about becoming a bored walker. When you get bored .....take a walk, climb the stairs, jump rope, doing jumping jacks, dance do anything you like and remember how awesome you are going to look on your big day when all eyes will be on you. Congratulations on the big day and keep your eyes on the prize, those 17 months are going to fly by...trust me.