How to stay motivated

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Sep 27, 2014 10:59am
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I used to be very constant and healthy with workouts. As of late it seems I have been unable to stay motivated. Sadly I have every excuse, I work odd hours, I'm super busy, etc and it has impacted my moods. Other than telling myself get off your butt and just work out, Anyone got some tips to help. As well how to keep up the energy I work nights and that seems to take a toll as well. I'm open for thoughts and ideas.

27 Sep
I too work nights and it can totally muck things up if you don't push yourself, what works for me is actually calorie counting, when I see what I'm eating through the nights it gets me really motivated to try and cut them cals with some movement, also thinking about how much more I will have to push if I don't reach my resting day with my workout days used efficiently. Hope this was worth reading, kinda new to this whole "healthy outlook" thing but it really helps with mood swings and self esteem! Good luck : )
27 Sep
I have zero clue about working nights but keeping motivated, try sticking some silly positive notes on places around the house. Have a pick me up sign on your weights. Look at skimble when lying on the sofa or something like that. My way of being focused is looking at old pictures of who I was. That pretty much does it for me every time. Lol :-):-)