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Oct 1, 2014 2:07am
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How do some people get the motivation to start this? I know this might sound stupid to some people but i set up a program and when i get the notification to start the workout i would just rather skip it then do it. Any suggestions on how to change my mindset about working out? Serious answers only please!

01 Oct
Determine your why and belief..then work the goal to meet the to be healthy and independent,example to my doesn't matter how much as long as its something...instead of whole routine try just one exercise or workout set casual maybe 10 minute one then do it again in a few hours work up to a complete workout...i started with back pain relief,then added some yoga stretches and wushu stretchy stretch...i work out up to 3 hours a day but don't beat myself when i only do one and not all
05 Oct
Ive realized that maybe i just need to write out a schedule nd stick to it...cuz if i leave the choice up to me then ill be more likely to avoid it