Please help motivate me.

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Oct 2, 2014 3:23am
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So u recently lost 35 lbs and am trying to lose about 10-15lbs more. My diet is going great but getting in the workouts is where Im falling short. Any assistance you can give to get me up and moving would be awesome. I'll return the favor too. And who knows maybe make some friends and workout buddies along the way.

24 Oct
I like to go with the "fuck it" method. Get up and immediately start working out, and if your like me and your job gets in the way, do some jumping jacks in the shower and squats on the toilet.jk :-)
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Oct 2, 2014 4:25am
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cardio workouts will burn the fat and help you lose pounds.

weight lifting will give you muscle mass and muscles are heavy so you may gain pounds from the muscles so keep that in mind