Weight vest with pushups

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Oct 2, 2014 4:44am
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I have 20 lb vest . I was wondering if doing pushup variations such as wide grip , decline and normal regular pushups will do any good for me as I'm trying to gain more mass and tone my upper body? Anyone have any information on weighted pushups? Thanks alot in advance . I'd also like to do jump squats with the vest on just wondering if itll help out more aswell?

02 Oct
Adding weight (and as such, intensity) is a great way to gain muscle mass. To gain mass effectively you should train with lower reps (3-6) with a weight that makes the last rep of each set difficult. Pushups are more of an endurance exercise, so for mass you need to get your hands on some weights. Also be sure to take in enough protein to build muscle and plenty of water.
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Oct 2, 2014 1:41pm
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Well if you can't get to a gym to get on a bench press. I suggest this. Day 1 do normal Pushups without vest til you fail rest 1 minute do wide Pushups til you fail. Rest 2 minutes now strap on your vest and see how many you can do. fully heal probably 48 hours. Hit the Pushups in all variations with your vest Incline decline wide grip. Find a rep amount where you can do 3 sets of each. On your last set go til failure. Hitting the muscle til failure is the key for growth.  Now another 48 hour rest after that go back to day 1 workout. Repeat the cycle. I suppose that is what I would do if I couldn't do barbell/dumbell presses

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Oct 3, 2014 8:33am
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Actually to gain mass you have to work out with sets that has 8-12 reps... that's the range of hypertrophy. 3-6 is the range of functional strength, which has low mass gain and loads of strength gain. If you seek raw strength go 5x5 or 5x6 with 90% 1RM. As for weighted push ups, frankly, I gained my traps and chest by a) nutrition (it is underrated, everybody thinks to be able to reach hypertrophy by just pumping up weights, but you know, if you don't eat enough protein how can you even pretend that your muscles find that macro nutrient to grow?) b) with push up progressions c) by adding extra sets while keeping to 10-12 reps. There are loads of push up variation that may make you scream in pain even without a weighting vest but yeah, it can still be useful lol


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