Is there a such thing as too much exercise?

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Oct 2, 2014 9:29pm
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I forced myself to workout yesterday eventhough i was a bit tired which was fine and dandy but when i went to go this morning i could not be arse to get out of bed.

02 Oct
You need rest days
02 Oct
And make sure your eating foods that will repair your muscles
02 Oct
My rest days areFri and Sat. What kind of food repair muscle?
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Oct 3, 2014 4:09am
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Yes, there is definitely such a thing as too much. I have a friend that was always working out and not getting the proper rest that his body needed; because of this, he ended up in the hospital with Rhabdomyolysis. This is where the protein in you muscles break down and pretty much fry your liver. So always have rest days so your body can recover.

03 Oct
What type of workouts was he doing?
05 Oct
He was always doing cross fit type workouts.
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Oct 3, 2014 6:15am
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Ok so what you need to eat to repair muscle is lots of protein and vitamin c so a good idea if you don't do this is have a whey protein shake everyday 1 or 2 is fine I use to have the same problem as you and that took care of it

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Oct 7, 2014 6:48pm
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Nope not to me we are all different and some can live in the gym longer then others .......if u want it, sometimes overtime pays off lol

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Oct 7, 2014 8:43pm
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I see an orthopedic surgeon who specializes in sports medicine twice a year. His advice to me was take a day off once a week and, never go 2 days back to back, without a session. Unless, your sick.

Everyone has different levels of fitness so listen to your body :)