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Oct 3, 2014 2:59am
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Some tips for not letting the Craving Monster get you...

1) Distraction
Stay busy. It keeps your mind off of wanting to fill empty time with empty calories
If you do, you will crave enormously and won't have the energy you need
3) Veggies and Fruit
They are your friend! Snacking keeps you going
4) Know your calories
Know your base calories and don't go more than 500 under...that goes back to the starving yourself. Plus it's dangerous.

All in all, in the beginning, I find its mind over matter...

Oh! Something else I did. I got Agave Nectar to sweeten things instead of sugar. It 60 cals per tbsp and is sweeter than sugar. I use it with lemon concentrate as my "sugary drink" replacement in a water bottle.

Hope this helps!

03 Oct
Really helpful. Thank you
04 Oct
Glad you liked it!