Core=ABs? Fat?

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Oct 7, 2014 6:01pm
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I have heard that the ABs will push your fat even more out and do everything worse. Ist that right? And ist everything about core=ABs?
Do you get a flat stomach with doing core exercises?
07 Oct
You get a flat stomach and have visible abs buy having a low %age of body fat, which is mostly the result of healthy eating and weight training. If you have overlying fat and you do abdominal workouts then yes it could appear your stomach is getting bigger. And when I think of"core" it is more than abdominals. Its your abdominal(upper,lower transverse), oblique, paraspinals and pelvic stabilizes. And yes everything starts with the core but they do not need to be trained as much for power and strength as it functions are for prolonged stabilization, posture and endurance and should...