shakes and fever chills

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Oct 17, 2014 7:39pm
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after I do ANY workout I get shakes and fever chills and feel really sick afterwards by the next day I'm fine again but it usually spoils my day I'm too nauseous to eat much I can barely drink anything .... any idea what's causing this or how to help

17 Oct
Oh no, sorry to hear that, I hope it's nothing serious. I've no idea what that is though, but I say better consult your gp.
17 Oct
How much water do you drink in the day. Are you sure you're not getting dehydrated with your workouts. Do you have headaches with the fever, chills etc.? Have you ever checked your heart rate and blood pressures with workouts.
17 Oct
can't check heart rate I get frequent panic attacks but they never make me shake or give me fever chills. I drink Gatorade every rest period which is every ten minutes or so idk
17 Oct
Are you maybe working too hard ? Try starting off easier and gradually build your way up if it is causing you discomfort in any way
17 Oct
I do tend to push myself hard