How working out helped me get limited damages after serious accident

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Oct 20, 2014 9:15pm
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Hey everybody! I know many of us think about working out for slimming/beauty purposes but I just wanted to share a little personal story with you regarding health benefits : 4 weeks ago I had a serious accident while hiking and made an 8 metres fall into a canyon. Despite the pain, bruises and abrasions all over my body I got away with very little damages: a sprained ankle and a crack (not even a fracture) in my sacrum. My doctors agreed that one of the elements that limited the damages was good muscles which acted as a protection during the accident and is currently helping me recuperating quite fast.

This really served me as a good motivator to keep working out regularly. And even though we all tend to focus on weight loss and looks let's not forget the health benefits of our workouts :)