New-ish and back on track

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Oct 24, 2014 6:45pm
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Since moving back to my home town I've lost close to 10 lbs. It is encouraging and I feel like a success now. Going from 265 to 257 in several weeks (maybe a month) has me experiencing more energy and looser clothing. I want to get down to 180 and see where we go from there. I am also trying to drink more water. Any advice to not get distracted or discouraged again?

24 Oct
Good for you! You're already a month and 10 lbs. Ahead of me. I started drinking lots more water last week and just downloaded this app. Wish I had great advice but since I am a newbie too all I can say is atta girl and keep your eyes forward. My goal is 160 and then we'll go from there. Lots of health issues. About 60 to lose. Praying for you and me too!
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Oct 24, 2014 8:26pm
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For both of you set goals. Make sure these goals are achievable but not to easy. When you reach these goals reward yourselves. So let's say you want to lose 60 lbs. Well every 15 lbs you lose reward yourselves with a treat. Going to a fancy dinner, or going to a play or whatever you enjoy. Maybe it's getting your significant other to do something freaky in bed lol whatever works. there is no judgement here.