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Nov 3, 2014 9:42pm
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My name is Tanisha, and I have been trying to lose weight ever since I can remember. I've always failed to stick to a diet, and one of the main reasons is I could never stay motivated. I definitely believe that if I had someone just as willing and committed to lose weight as me than I could easily reach my goals. I AM 19 years old and currently 370 lbs. Yes that is a huge amount, but aren't we all in the same boat here.? We clearly downloaded this app to get in shape. I'm just looking for a friend to help push me on. Male or female. I don't care. I'm just desperate.!

03 Nov
Girl I feel you, I can't stay motivated to save my life but now I just try to put all I have into my workouts. When it starts to hurt I look at my stomach an think "I'm doing this because of you"
04 Nov
Heyy! Avani here! I'm 14 and I'm around 190lbs! I can try and motivate you! Add me on kik: avani.jhaveri
04 Nov
I hope I can help you. BTW, I'm from Mumbai, India!
04 Nov
What's your kik id? I'll add you!
04 Nov
I have inboxed you! Please check and reply back!
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Nov 4, 2014 3:01am
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Never give up! Let's do it :) 
Motivations lives in yourself! 
04 Nov
don't give up! weight watchers helps! last year around this time I was 205lbs now I'm 175lbs! it helps. maybe use both apps. I have a busy schedule but if u need a buddy for motivation maybe I can help.
04 Nov
I've never tried weight watchers. I think I'll download the app right now. I've been thinking about trying the Atkins diet.!