How do i get motavated to lose weight?

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Nov 4, 2014 7:54pm
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Would love some advise on to losing weight please

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Nov 4, 2014 8:07pm
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Clean eating and workout consistently

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Nov 4, 2014 8:15pm
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1: Think about all you're missing being non-fit, unhealthy etc.
2: Ask someone to challenge you. Something realisable.
3: Think about the end result and that you'll be looking back and laughing at how badass you are, also being a motivation to others.
4: Music.
5: Testosterone pumping videos-movies.
Good luck ;)

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Nov 4, 2014 10:25pm
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My advice to you would be to focus on getting FIT, rather than LOSING WEIGHT. After eating clean and working out for a few days, you'll already begin to feel great inside, even if you haven't really dropped much weight. Your body is an incredible machine that is made to do feats of strength and endurance. All you gotta do is bring out your potential! I'd also highly recommend taking up a sport. Something physically challenging, but fun. Maybe rock climbing?
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Nov 4, 2014 11:06pm
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Eating clean = healthy... join my challenge....