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Nov 5, 2014 2:16pm
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It's hard to stay motivated when your only goal is to lose weight. Try to focus on getting healthy, and the weight loss will follow. Set small and manageable goals for yourself... Try jogging one mile (or, if your body isn't ready for that yet, just a half mile) every day for two weeks. Cut out all sugary drinks- only drink water and tea (both of these drinks help a lot with controlling your appetite) and try to also cut out all junk food. Once these things become natural to you, you'll feel great and start looking great, too. Your skin will glow and your hair will get shinier. You might not have lost much weight at this point, but your body will get leaner/toner from the changes. After you get used to running a mile, and can do it easily, try to increase your distance and/or shorten your mile time. You should also try to start doing other cardio exercises, and maybe throw in some weight training as well if you're up for it. There's ton of resources you can use on this app! Work out 5 to 6 times a week if you're able, and DONT GIVE UP HOPE! Even if *you* can't see the bodily differences, others will. Try taking a photo of yourself every week so you can record your progress. Also: I've found that it really helps to record everything that you eat in a day. Best of luck to you!! If you ever need help of encouragement, just message me :)
05 Nov
Thank you I guess I'm just finding it so hard and lately I've been noticing I've been getting so hungry all the time even wen I've just eaten and been getting addicted to take away :(