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Nov 6, 2014 5:51am
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Hey guys! As most of you know Winter is coming up and most people are going to be less active and use the cold as an excuse not to workout. Well if ya didn't know Winter is the BEST time to work on you're Summer body for next year!!! So in order to help motivate everyone I've had an idea I'd like to call #JiggleFreeSummer the idea is instead of being lazy this Winter and spending you're next Summer all jiggly and not beach ready you could do the work now to have a jiggle free Summer! Sounds great, right!? Who doesn't want a jiggle free Summer??? Well this is how you're going to get motivated to lose all that jiggle and be ready for Summer! The concept of this hashtag is to make a community of people all working toward one specific goal, to be jiggle free this Summer. Use this hashtag on here and Tw1tter, Insta and Faceb00k to show everyone that it's you're goal to be jiggle free by this Summer and WILL NOT take any exceptions! So go on! Make intense fat burning workouts with the #JiggleFreeSummer and tweet out to everyone that you're gonna loose that extra weight by this Summer! Then post you're daily progress on Insta and show all you're friends that jiggling has no place with you this Summer!!!