Looking for a workout buddy.

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Nov 6, 2014 4:46pm
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Hi all! I'm new here and looking to make some friends.

A bit about me: I used to do a lot of exercise; I did MMA, Yoga, and Paintball. I sustained a knee injury and an ankle injury that basically took all of that to a screeching halt. I'm still on the road to recovery but I desperately need and want to get back in shape.

I don't really have the time or money to go to a gym so I mostly exercise at home. I find that I get distracted very easily and I'm not very motivated as I'm alone. I'm looking to make friends to help support me and I will support them as well.

I hope everyone is successful in their workout journey!

06 Nov
It would depend on your location ofcourse
06 Nov
I meant mostly moral support through here and keeping in touch. Not support in the physical aspect. My apartment isn't quite big enough to host a bunch of people working out.
06 Nov
Oh yeah I get you, sure ill be down. I used to be a gym rat on deployment haha. No motivation now so I feel what you're saying
06 Nov
Okay, cool. :-) I'll follow you.