Weekends will be my down fall!

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Nov 11, 2014 5:16pm
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When all your friends are partying, its really hard to watch what you consume. Will i need to completely remove that from my weekend schedules in order to reach my ideal weight??

11 Nov
If u feel like u can't control your consumption then maybe u need to avoid being around temptation so often. Maybe stay in every second week. But u also have to live a little so dnt deny urself completely. Also make sure that your drinks are not high in sugar and calories. Gin or vodka with a little soda water in lime is not too bad for the waist line.
11 Nov
Thank you! its difficult to do so when youre around your friends. But maybe ill do the every second weekend thing. Thanks!
11 Nov
I know. I found it hard too. I went cold turkey at the beginning of my journey and gave up everything that was bad for me. Now I can treat myself occasionally and it doesn't ruin my progress.
11 Nov
Do you advise i treat drinking with my friends as a cheat day? So as not myself too far back? At the end of the day once ive obtained the goal i want i can add more in there.
11 Nov
That's one way of doing it I suppose. Personally I don't do cheat days. The usual recommendation is to eat 80% clean and 20% whatever you want. If u look on it as cheating it can end up turning into a bad thing where u find yourself overindulging. I personally think it's better to treat yourself a little bit every so often. As long as incoming calories are less than calories burned then u will continue to see results.