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Nov 14, 2014 5:27am
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I just had a baby 10 months ago and has a few sergerys after nd gained a bunch of weight... before I got pregnant I weight 105 I've always been small could eat what every I wanted nd never gained weight but I was 130 at full term nd after I had baby I was 117 nd after my sergerys nd not being able to do much now I weigh 135. I feel fat and don't really have the energy to do n e thing I'm embarrassed to go out in public and especially to go around my family I have a twin sister who is super thin nd now my close don't fit I don't feel comfortable in Jeans. I'm a stay at home mom which doesn't help cause I don't get out much but we are moving to Florida soon nd I want to be able to wear a bikini in confidante if I can't get motivated idk what I'm going to do I'm definitely in a slump. Is there a certain diet or food that can help me gain energy. I'm also severely anemic

14 Nov
I know the feeling hun, I was 106 before my first child 144 on delivery day, was 116 when I got pregnant when she was 6 months old (iud failed) I got to 138 on delivery day (a month early) and have not Bern any lower then 119 but am to this day 127 and can't lose it. It's hard but I joined here and am trying but honestly hun look at yourself in the mirror. Would you want your daughter to see herself how you see yourself, saying bad things about herself because of an unrealistic image of how...
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Nov 14, 2014 6:32am
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Congrats on the baby! Being a mom is such a blessing! And give yourself a break, you need to take care of you and your family first before anything else, so its ok where you are at. Just work a little bit every day and enjoy who you are. But I know how you feel about being tired and fat and no energy. Just work at it every day! There are lots of workouts you can do at home, find some on this app, or look online. Do squats, push ups, ab work. Take a walk with your baby through the neighborhood, adding intensity as you go.
Good diet, such as less processed foods and more veggies, plus adding to your exercise will work. Since you are anemic, add iron, such as meat, beans, and green veggies. Are you taking prenatal vitamins? Those will help. Let me know if you want specific workout help.