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Nov 22, 2014 6:38am
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Ok so with wanting a good and healthy life style change. My biggest problem at the time is waking up! I mean for the dear life of me I can't get my body to really stay awake, example I'll hear my alarm go off and turn it off but head back right into bed! Which is lame cause I wanna work out and be all healthy. So what are some ways to stay awake when i hear that alarm go off?


22 Nov
When you hear alarm just jump out of the bed, since age of 11 I do this and never had problem waking up unless I am unwell.
22 Nov
Thanks good sir, just like i hear it go off and turn it off and its across my room but I go back...should I try waking up at 8 rather than 7? To start off and then try 7?