Why I'm so lazy...:(

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Nov 23, 2014 2:58pm
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It seems that these days,i felt really lazy.i need to get rid my laziness

23 Nov
23 Nov
Sleep early and wake up at 7 am to do your workoit
23 Nov
Me too . I havent been working out like I use to. I gained 2 pds ugh. Me to get back into gear
23 Nov
Just try keeping your goal in mind and envision it every morning or when you start getting lazy and remind yourself of the reason why your doing this and what an amazinh body you'll soon have
24 Nov
Omg gosh. Ur not lazy you just lack inspiration and drive. That's why. Try to fund your inner inspiration.
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Nov 23, 2014 10:18pm
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If you wake up the same time every morning you can create a habit

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Nov 23, 2014 11:44pm
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Yes.. Make it a habit and after awhile it'll seem normal. Good luck