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Nov 23, 2014 9:36pm
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Can somebody give me some tips and ideas on how to stay healthy and motivated
Tips excepted like:
Clothing choices for excersicing

24 Nov
I I lost half my body weight HOORAY So try this sexy and soon to be Sexy people: * cut on carbs, fats and sugar. * more high protein and high fiber foods * veggies and spicy foods MUST * only one major but healthy meal a day and replace other meals with healthy filling Snacks. * more water * (optional) do laxative Tea as often as you feel needed. * Regular Cardio workouts * Proper rest Also try my workout. Helps you lose weight, Tone and shapes at the same time.Cardio, Abdomen, Buns. Best of luck Beautiful :)
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Nov 23, 2014 11:12pm
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Hey Charlotte!
Well first things first try to find a valance between exercising and eating healthy. I always bring fruit with me when I leave for work and nothing else to make sure I eat something healthy! You don't always have to diet, just eat healthier food I always try to burn off calories in simple ways like walking to and from work every day, and cycling too, pick anything you enjoy! To stay motivated, I always find that music is helpful, and new excersize gear! Even some new shorts or a new set of dumbells can really get me motivated again start easy and work up, once you start you'll get into it no problem and remember how good it'll feel the next day!

Well this is probably a load of useless talk but hope it helps! Drink plenty of water too

23 Nov
Balance* cx