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Nov 25, 2014 8:57pm
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A lot of people say on here that they lack motivation or lose interest in working out. My advice? STOP OVER-THINKING IT!!

Here are a few tips that got me back into working out after a 10 year (yes TEN!!) break:
- incline push-ups - every time I went to the bathroom I did 20-50 incline push-ups against the wall or washbasin (that adds up to quite a few by the end of the day!)
- wall sits - an easy exercise to do while watching TV or just standing around
The stairs - use them!! And when you've walked up them, if you have time, walk back down and walk up them again!!

Begin to do little things often.. Don't "DIET" (everyone hates that word!!!), eat "HEALTHIER"

Start to build up to 5mins, then 10, then it'll begin to feel natural to work out and part of your day.

And HAVE FUN!!!!! If working out is a chore, then you are TOTALLY doing it wrong and will give up.

26 Nov
And may add: start one thing at time. Not many things parallel. I did start with walking and some weeks! !! Later with eating healthier when the walking had become part of my life already.
26 Nov
Sleep is also very important ...tiredness demotivates!
29 Nov
Great advice Scott! I'd also like to advise that you find a picture of a body type you'd like to work towards to keep yourself motivated. Little steps will take you a long way!!