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Nov 26, 2014 10:08pm
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It seems like it is a big investment in time and money to make a healthy lifestyle change. It is but you can be smart about it. I don't see much about it on here so I'll write my advice.

Gear that's worth it and will help you on your entire journey

Workout mat for 10 bucks

It's worth it because having it around will lead to you working out more. When you work out at home you don't have to pay monthly for the gym and for transport to the gym... It also takes valuable time to get to the gym. You won't find getting fit easier with a membership if you already struggle to pay for gas or the bus or if you have limited time to work out.


Sneakers are expensive as hell. Especially good supportive running shoes. Keep an eye out online and go straight to the clearance rack. I don't really go clothing shopping and you don't need expensive high tech fabrics.. The most important thing is to buy sneakers because you could seriously injure your feet and legs (which can screw with your work). That's why sneakers are a good investment even if its the only thing you get.


They are the only thing really necessary for strength training and will make all your floor workouts more effective for your entire body. They are very versatile and their are ways to strengthen each part of your body. You can find them all on skimble.

Tips for scoring cheap health foods

Whole grain organic bread is always 3x as much money? Wrong! County kitchen and other bread companies have stores in most major cities and towns where they make the bread onsite! Every loaf is 99 cents at these discount stores (even whole grain) stock up to save time and keep the rest in the freezer.

Bananas and oranges are so cheap

natural peanut butter is great for you and can be on sale for 2.50 a jar.

Whole grain and brown rice are cheap

Your local dollar tree may have discount low cal or healthy snacks like nature valley protein bar 5 packs, bags of mixed nuts or cashews, or no sugar added dole grapefruit section 6 packs. They also their own version of wheat thins. All for a buck.

Price chopper will have 75 cents off still good greek yogurts (go for low sugar or plain kinds you can mix honey in) you might think they're all going bad tommorow but check the dates. They may be overstocked and often they are still good for 5 days!

Walmart has frozen bags of salmon portions for 4.50.. They contain 5 or 6 servings.

Healthy meals

Pita bread with sauce and fat free ricotta cheese heated up (low fat pizza)

1bag of steam stirfry veggies with rice and 1lb of chicken breast (5 to 6 bucks for 2 or 3 people)

Chicken, cottage cheese, can of black beans, and black bean and corn salsa
( throw it in Tupperware and take it to work! Or in a pita )

Make a tuna sandwich on your wheat bread with the yogurt instead of mayo.. If its to boring add some relish. Turkey breast sandwiches are great too!

Hope this helped :)

27 Nov
Lol great topic.. I really don't have the money to buy a bunch of equipment because I'm the only person providing for my 3year old and most of my money goes towards him. For the longest time I was using water for weights. I'd fill bleach bottles with water and tie a rope around them for dumbbells. And garbage bags on both sides of a fence post for bar bell. Recently I picked up some real dumbbells a bar bell and weights for 5 bucks at an auction.. now I'm figuring out what food too buy to gain weight. On...
27 Nov
I'm a believer that you'll only be as fit as you're desperate to be. Good stuff my man. We all have our own races to run. Great to hear your means for staying healthy!
27 Nov
Post below was meant to respond to James...
27 Nov
Yeah I've used heavy books over my head for some moves lol! And I got one thing every few months starting with the mat. Body weight has always been the most effective for me anyways
27 Nov
Every meal I have is under 2 or 3 bucks a plate but still healthy and cheaper than McDonald's
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Nov 26, 2014 10:12pm
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This is a great topic share. Thank you
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Nov 26, 2014 11:37pm
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Great post Sam!  I was thinking about doing a similar post but you beat me to it, lol.

Totally agree on the equipment: a mat and some dumbbells are surprisingly effective.  And if the dumbbell set is too pricey; even just one Kettlebell is extremely versatile and can work the entire body!  And let's not forget about simple bodyweight exercises...serious total body strength and conditioning can be attained with just bodyweight moves.

As for food, totally agree again!  Bananas are super cheap!  And if you stick to the basics, like chicken, fish, ground turkey, eggs, brown rice, frozen veggies, fruit, etc... You can eat healthy without spending a fortune at whole foods. 

27 Nov
Did a cross country drive recently (starting in LA) and made it as far as Liberal, KS before I got so antsy I spurred in Walmart and bought a 15lb dumbell. Used that thing to keep myself awake and fresh all the way to NY! I'd
27 Nov
Oops... Recommend anyone doing a long road trip to grab one!
27 Nov
I'm deffinately getting a kettle bell too for squats :) lol
27 Nov
You definitely have to get one Sam...they're great! I combo pass under lunges and goblet or sumo squats with the's awesome! Plus, very convenient I used to take my 15lb bell into work with me (call center job) and when it was slow I could do a whole body workout in my cubicle!
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Nov 27, 2014 4:35am
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Great tips! I guess I can afford salmon.

27 Nov
Yeah I was surprised its in super Walmart in the frozen section of the seafood department
27 Nov
I get frozen flounder too...tastes great and very low in mercury! Affordable too :-)
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Nov 27, 2014 8:01pm
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I never look at the frozen meats. Thanks


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