Lil B's Diary - 30 Days 1 Goal!

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Dec 1, 2014 2:58pm
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Inspired by another user Scotty (shoutout to u bro) I wanted to start a diary as well for the next 30days while I aim for my goal!

I want to get more fit, more toned and stronger! But most of all and most importantly I want to love what I see in the mirror!

Ohk so thats the run down! I hope by sharing I can maybe it will inspire someone or cause people to socialise about their own goals :)
So here goes!

Id love advice, comments, questions etc. Go for it!  :)

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Dec 1, 2014 3:04pm
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Day 1

Weight - 58kg
Height - 160cm

Things I ate…

- Skipped breaky which is very naughty I know
- Chinese food (mostly stir fried vegies)
- Multi V smoothie with chia seed, hemp seed and mixed fruit and veg
- Roast chicken and vegetables
- Detox water with cucumber, lemon

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Dec 1, 2014 3:16pm
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Good luck :-)

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Dec 1, 2014 7:07pm
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Thanks for the shoutout!! You're welcome! My goal is to strip away 17lbs of fat and maintain the muscle
02 Dec
Your welcome and good luck to you too! :)
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Dec 2, 2014 2:49am
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Good luck to you!! My goal is to put on 20 lbs of muscle. I'm not shaving my face or cutting my hair until i do. Starting to regret it tho lol....!!

02 Dec
Nice! Thats a really good idea for motivation haha good luck with it!
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Dec 2, 2014 7:53am
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Build muscle mass til March.  Then start shredding in time for summer. I've never been as consistent as I am right now and have been for the past I months so I am excited to see what body I can sculpt. I'm hoping I can maintain muscle mass well cutting down body fat to 7%. Great luck on your journey!

02 Dec
Awesome sounds like you have a great plan! Good luck to you too!
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Dec 3, 2014 1:56am
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Day 2

Weight: 58kg
Height: 160cm
Mirror: Mostly like what I see but would like to tone my theighs, butt and belly a bit more

What I ate…
-One wheat biscuit and milk… yeh I know ONLY ONE haha I just wasn't in the mood to eat too anxious and excited about my first day at a new job!
-Spaghetti left overs that had been in the fridge (had lots of vegies like sweet potato and brocolli through it)
-Smoothie with watermelon and strawberries was a really nice combo!
-Shapes, like a quarter of a box too, very very naughty
-Half a chocolate muffin, also naughty haha oops… well at least im honest!

What I did…
-Spent most of the day on my feet doing an orientation at my new job
-Did a lower body and core workout at medium intensity

How I feel…
I could have ate better and I would have liked to go on a run too but I do feel good still