Do you challenge yourself enough?

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Dec 7, 2014 3:42am
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Think about it have you ever challenged yourself to do things you dint even know your body can do if you have.what have you challenged yourself to do? Did you succeed or fail be honest

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Dec 7, 2014 6:13am
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In school, my teacher was training us to run 5 km for this charity marathon. Each day, we would have to beat our time in order to pass the class. I don't like running, so at first, it was difficult for me to run that distance. My body ached and I felt sick. After training for about three months, I think it took me 39 minutes to run 5 km. I felt great and I never knew I could run 5 km!
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Dec 7, 2014 6:29am
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This whole year was one huge challenge.
I was arrested of a dui in march and ever since then I have been sober and very thankful it happened.
I left a company that I truly felt depressed working for in October, and am focusing on my dream career which is in automotive and have a foot in once I graduate.
From January, 14 to now, I've been failing and succeeding. From an alcoholic with a death wish to a healthy career pursuing woman.
This time I will succeed.