Back in Military Mode!!!

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Dec 8, 2014 6:02am
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So I use to be in the army, I miss working out 5 days a week, cardio mon, wed, and fri, ran tues and thurs, no workout on weekends, I lost so much weight then and still ate everything I wanted just watched my sugar intake, I really need to get back to that, who's with me, this baby fat needs to come off

09 Dec
I was never in the military but i hear you about the babyfat it is tge hardest to get rid of I think especially since i had 2 csections so it really stuck with all the extra skin i used to be smallerish when my husband and i.fiest started dating i need to get back that cuz.i.actually felt good about.myself when i was like that and now i look back at old pictures and say why did i complain then about my weight...i need to get a booty too haha its always been flat
09 Dec
@ Molly K. I feel ya, I use to complain too but I as well have had 3 csection so its been tough, I did gain as much with this pregnancy so i dont have alot to lose like with my last 2 but we can do it girly! Im for u, this baby weight is coming off, we just gotta stay strong and keep pushing :)