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Dec 13, 2014 5:26pm
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I Am a 13 Year old And 54Kg, I have A belly , But not a big One, I find it hard to go to gym and all I can do is practice at home and buy equipments, I Never Like to post a picture of my body somewere public or never let a (Girl) See my body cuz its quite embarrasing, and we have got a School Trip On the next spring Break and my goal Is to have atleast atleast a Flat stomach not 6 packs, What should I start with ? SHould I run? Should I do Sit ups ? And Yeah, I Have Tiny man Boobs which Are embarrasing infront of women As well, I always tried To stop my self from eating to much or drinking Pepsi, What Should I do ? How should I train ? Girls in my school Love guys with abs but its going to take My Lightyears to burn my belly and get abs While our school trip pool party is On the next Spring break, Plz help

13 Dec
I dont want girls to see my body in the current shape
13 Dec
All I can say is eating too much and stop drinking pepsi eat healthy food and start workout!!!
13 Dec
I dont drink pepsi on a regular basis, It when I order food from mcdonalds, And they Say it takes 7 hours of running To burn A combo meal from mcdonalds, am doomed
13 Dec
they also say if u want to burn your belly situps will make it worse, you have to lose weight first
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Dec 13, 2014 6:03pm
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Hi I'm 14 years old and I do this workout Amazing Abs Attack and I think its great for burning fat and for the abdominal muscles. Do it for 5/7 times a week and you will see results. Hope I helped you