SECRET to losing weight

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Dec 16, 2014 5:55pm
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my previous post accidently got deleted.


this is all from my experience. I was stuck at a certain weight and couldn't figure why my body hit wall. I couldn't go further in loss. I wanted to tone and lose weight. I started researching and always heard people say eat more but I was not going for that. thought if u eat more you gain more....WRONG.
we need to eat more often so our metabolism keeps going. If we starve ourselves our body stores the food we put in thinking that is all its getting so every 3 hrs is good to eat.I am not saying eat big meals. still eat your 3 main meals and snacks inbetween. you can look up how much portion depending on body weight. for me it's 4oz of protien like grilled chicken or fish for my serving. I don't do shakes for meals because I do it for inbetween snack. if you want to lose weight do some HIT training. good workouts on here for that. I like to weight train and no being a female it's not going to make me bulky...that's only for guys. We tone. if you do weights u can do cardio in morning and weights at night ...for me I don't do cardio everyday cause I don't want to lose more just tone.

Sample meal for my day

134 lbs 34 yrs old 5'4

6am.. 1 cup egg whites or oatmeal.. water

9am protien shake or bar and 8 almonds ..water

12PM grilled chicken and broccoli .. water

3pm shake or bar or Greek yogurt fruit..water

6pm fish and veggies and water
snack cottage cheese

I eat something before workout I may do piece of toast for energy...

16 Dec
You said it all Laroc. 6 small meals/snacks a day with portion control... plenty of water and exercise. Many women think that they will look like guys doing weight training. It scares them away from the very thing that will help burn fat and build muscle. The only thing that I will add is sometimes it may appear that you are not losing but it is the trade off in the fat / muscle ratio but by that time things should me starting to come together and look great!
16 Dec
yes good point. I had a trainer once and she couldn't figure out why I wasn't dropping but didn't count the muscle I gained ....I saw the results... and eventually figured it out on my own with a lifestyle change.
16 Dec
Fortunately there are some really good trainers out there but I have also noticed that you are your best teacher. Your the only one that knows your body like you do and the only thing you need to help is knowledge so you do research and hang out on Skimble! That's how we do it up in here :)
16 Dec
agree....I have a lot of good friends who are trainers and I feel it helped me open my eyes to look up my own programs...sometimes I feel they just throw a program at you and not customize to what I need or want to be. but it helped me a lot. I now try to research on own and found best results for me.
16 Dec
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Dec 16, 2014 7:24pm
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Dec 16, 2014 7:25pm
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Dec 17, 2014 11:09am
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6pm to 6am-too long time to go!i would eat sth light at for me if i have to workout at 6am i will eat late for sure

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