Need motivation and ideas..

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Dec 24, 2014 8:54pm
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Lately I've been having alot of trouble just trying to get motivation on exercising, and it's very complicated.. plus I've been having problems of what kind of healthy foods I should be eating during the day, lunch and dinner. Any help or suggestions?

25 Dec
Hi Amanda, firstly think of what may be eating you. Understand what's driving you to comfort eat and then work on some stratagies to stop that behavior. For example, don't stock food that will be bad for you, shop for the food you should be eating, be ruthless and clean out your cupboards, drink more water etc. Visualize what fit means to you and how it would enhance your life. ....realky look at it. Feel it. Then go for it. Can happen quite quickly once you start moving in that direction. Good luck and all the best:-)
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Dec 24, 2014 11:19pm
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    Just started today and im trying to reduce as well. Just gave birth recently n started to eat healthy again, i suggest for u to eat lots of veggies, full ur plate up w veggies n have a healthy protein not fried only baked or broiled or boiled. Morning u can eat egg whites, is really low in calories n add vevgies like spinach leaves, turkey cold cuts, peppers, n onion any other green. Always try to keep urself under ur calorie intake. Consume enough protein it will keep u full longer n lest in carbs.

25 Dec
I eat very few veggies everyday so maybe it would help to eat alot more, thanks for the tips
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Dec 25, 2014 12:10am
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Think about why you are working out and what you want to achieve. It does take hard work and focus, no way round it, but it will be worth it.

Do a wide variety of challenging workouts for best results, there are loads to choose from on here. Try and do at least 4 days a week, of between 30-60 mins per session. You won't enjoy them all, but they will all help you toward your goal.

With regards to food: cut down on sugar and carbs and eat more protein. Read food labels, so you know what you are eating. Avoid crazy diets, just eat sensibly and healthily. Avoid the 5 "C's", chips, cake, chocolate, candy and cookies, as much as possible. Eat healthy 6 days a week (strict) and let yourself go a bit one day a week.

You know that you CAN do it, so take control and make it happen! 😺

25 Dec
I could send you a few workouts as a suggestion if you like?
25 Dec
Oh that sounds very interesting.. I only do at least 20 min workout which is still pretty rough but I'll give it a shot.. also I'll try to improve my eating habits, I eat some what healthy but not enough, for this topic I was looking for a motivation buddy hopefully to help me everyday.. and that could be great if you can do that.
26 Dec
Try "go long", its a good 30 min cardio workout. It may be a bit tough, but you will feel great once its done! :-)
26 Dec
I'll do my best, but it won't be easy
26 Dec
You can do it!
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Dec 25, 2014 12:44am
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Hey, I know that feel. Some times I don't know if really worth what I'm trying to do, but I just try to keep doing my best and never give up💪🔥

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Dec 25, 2014 1:46am
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Just google an Arnold pep talk. If that doesn't get your ass working out nothing will
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Dec 25, 2014 11:30am
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50 reasons to workout!!!
1) lifts ur mood
2) improves learning abilities
3) builds self esteem
4) keeps ur brains fit
5) keeps ur body fit
6) boosts ur mental health
7)  boosts it immune system
8) reduces stress
9) makes u feel happier
10) has anti-ageing effects
11) improves skin tone and color
12) improves sleeping patterns
13)helps prevent strokes
14) improves joint function
15) improves muscle strength
16) alleviates anxiety
17) sharpens memory
18)  helps to control addictions
19) boosts productivity
20) boosts creative thinking
21) improves body image
22) gives u confidence
23) helps u stay focused in life
24) improves eating habits
25) improves longevity
26) strengthens our bones
27) strengthens us heart
28) improves posture
29) prevents colds
30) improves appetite
31) improves cholesterol levels
32) lowers risk of certain cancers
33) lowers high BP
34) lowers risk of diabetes
35) fights dementia
36) eases back pain
37) decreases osteoporosis risk
38) reduces feelings of depression
39) prevents muscle loss
40) increases energy and endurance
41)increases sports performance
42) increases pain resistance
43)increases balance and coordination
44) improves oxygen supply to blood
45) improves concentration
46) helps with self control
47) lessens fatigue
48) makes life more interesting
49) Qualities life
50) u receive compliments from others and everyone loves receiving compliments.



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