Drive Thru's and other craving control!!

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Dec 28, 2014 4:26pm
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I'm ashamed to admit how Horrible I ate yesterday....Going to the movies prompted a order of EXTRA Butter Popcorn, Candy and a Coke the size of a compact to top it off, I stopped at Taco Bell and had a 10pm Burrito....I am my own worst enemy!!
So, How do you stop yourself when out and feeling the call of a drive thru window or concession stand?

28 Dec
Don't hate yourself for such day - we all have that and there's nothing bad in it. Try to change small things, e.g. ordering Coke Light instead of the full sugar blast - it'll save you lots of calories. Or try to ration the chips bag at home over 3 days if you really need them. But after all: if you stick to a nice workout routine with cardio, a 'bad food day' from time to time won't kill you and will keep you motivated because you know what you're working out for. Good luck! :-)
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Dec 28, 2014 4:31pm
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Unfortunately there are no magic tricks, you've just got to say no sometimes. But having said that, a night out and a treat isn't a bad thing for all your hard work