How to lose face fat?

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Dec 31, 2014 3:44pm
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Hey Haven't been on here for a month in a half because I had surgery on my throat.

I am now coming back on skimble because since the surgery, I havent done any workouts.

I always have had a thickish kind of face because i probably got it from my mothers side who is japanese and hawaiin. My dads white.

So does anyone have some tips or rememdies that can lose the fat face fast? And i mean FAST!?!

I have tried the japanes face massage, but i dont know if it would really work, and i heard wrapping your face all day or at night for a couple of weeks with a stretchy elastic old shirt or a face slimmer you can buy online can help slim the face.

Please no rude, immature, or dumb answers. :)

31 Dec
Please check my comment under tasha's post. I'm a newb.
31 Dec
Avoid foods that cause inflammation. I notice if I eat a lot of crap food my face gets puffy. Sugar dairy etc. In excess. Usually the culprits. I agree that you don't need to lose it and agree that just staying Active and eating somewhat clean will chisel the face
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Dec 31, 2014 4:19pm
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I'm not being rude but you shouldn't lose anymore fat from your face. If those are your current pictures that is. Anyway just FYI face fat is the first thing to go when people start slimming down.

31 Dec
Lol thank u. Im self conscious of myself. Im not fat or very skinny . Im 5'3 3/4 and about 117 lbs
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Dec 31, 2014 4:30pm
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I am in the same boat...had two majorĀ  surgerys back to back and could not do any workouts for months.

You dont need to loose any weight in your face. However, I you still feel like you need to loose it build muscle becanse it will burn the fat your face neck and stomach this way you will lose the weight the fastest.

Best of luck though

31 Dec
Awe Thank You so much ! Yeah, i just done a workout but didnt post it yet. I like HIIT weight loss, feels like overall fat burning :) im just hating that i am going to have my teeth pulled so i can get braces!! Thats what im really scared of ! Wish me luck!
31 Dec
You may want to try cold therapy which is localized chilling of your cheeks with ice packs. Much care needed to ensure you don't overdue it and hurt your skin.
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Dec 31, 2014 8:36pm
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You look great! You do not need to get skinner


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