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Jan 6, 2015 10:24pm
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How many times a week should i do the exercises?

06 Jan
Three to four.
06 Jan
06 Jan
Depends on what works for u because everyone's body is different and so what someone else does may not work for u. Just make sure u don't do the same exercises two days in a row and listen to ur body, u will know if u need to rest or not. If ur body is sore or tired then u should have a rest if it's not then increase the intensity. So basically u can do the exercises once a week or 6 times a week it's up to u. If ur new, try to start out with 3 days...
07 Jan
Okey ,thank you
07 Jan
Ur welcome
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Jan 8, 2015 12:52am
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Okay forget all about everyone being different! Yes everyone is a LITTLE different, but most people are pretty much the same.
What it really depends on are your goals, time restictions and what type of workouts you do.

To be honest for most people who just want to stay in shape a be healthy. A full body weight training sessions (45 min) two to tree times a week should do the trick. Add in 1-2 cardio seccions of whatever you like if you feel like it, but you probably won't need to :)

It's really that simpel.
Hope it helps :)