Good cardio for newbies

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Jan 11, 2015 5:43pm
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Ive been doing the beginning runners workout and got to say its really good for people just getting into the swing, im still smoking cigarettes (stupid i know), but ive went from a pack a day atleast to about no more then 5 depending on my stress and with the help of my vape pen couldn't be more happy incr I've been smoking since i was eleven becoming a constant smoker at 13 i plan on beeing totally of the cigarettes this week and hopefully ready to do a harder cardio next week. hope you guys are doing as good as me, 2015 is our year good luck.

11 Jan
Good luck man
11 Jan
I quit recently cold turkey style haha
11 Jan
Thanks akrash and thats good Carolina, i qould but my family says im too much of a Asshole when i try to cold turkey and they buy me a pack just to calm me down lol
11 Jan
Hahaha my friends and family always offer me some just to see what I'll do haha
11 Jan
Lol wow thats messed up.