I get so sleepy after working out

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Jan 12, 2015 10:01pm
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What should I be doing to get in a good workout but not pass out on the couch because I'm so crazy tired? I so want to keep motivated and get rid of the baby pooch!!!

12 Jan
Maybe try to drink more clean water? If I'm good watered, workout is giving my energy, even when it's tiring, but without water I'm dead in few minutes ;)
12 Jan
I know this is nearly impossible with kids, but your best defense against post workout fatigue is getting enough sleep at night. Also make sure you're alternating the days you work the same muscle groups. If you work the same muscle groups daily your body can become too fatigued to function.
12 Jan
Yeah its pretty tough getting a good night's sleep for sure. I will try drinking more water because I know that I'm for sure not getting enough during the day. Today was my first real workout in a long time. Thanks for the reply! :)
13 Jan
Better than me, I get sleepy just thinking about working out.
13 Jan
You are probably overdoing it?